The holistic approach to your day with Yoga by Senior Yoga coach Pragya

Prague Bhatt

For Pragya, yoga is not just exercise. It is a way of life, by which a person can achieve a flexible and flexible body and mind. With a BA in computer science and engineering from Punjab Technical University, Pragya’s decision to teach yoga grew out of a personal goal to deepen his own practice. She quit her day job to take her learnings to others. She believes that practicing yoga has brought balance to her life and wants HealthifyMe users to experience the same. How can she help achieve this? For being creative, says Pragya. In the view that a balanced lifestyle equals a healthy life, Pragya recommends that you exercise first thing in the morning and meditate right before bed. And while self-motivation can pose a challenge for most yoga practitioners, Pragya assures you will be watching your every move.