The best sustainable baby products for your little one in 2022

You want the best for your baby. And you want the best for the earth. The good news is that it is possible to care for your little one with products that are safe for baby skin as well as the planet.

Say hello to sustainable baby products!

In this article, we will discuss what to look for when shopping for earth-friendly options and then review five sustainable baby products that your family can start using today.

Before we get there, let’s lay the foundation: What are sustainable baby products?

What are sustainable baby products?

“Sustainable” is a word that gets thrown around, but what does it mean exactly? In short, something that is sustainable can be maintained.

We believe that sustainable products are manufactured, used and disposed of with minimal damage to the land we love and the people who live in it. It includes the extraction of ingredients and materials as well as the manufacture, transport, use and disposal of the product.

The best sustainable products keep the environment in mind in addition to the people involved in the process. We are talking about products that:

  • Use renewable resources
  • Use minimal energy
  • Can be disposed of responsibly
  • Is made with ethical work
  • Promote fair trade

That said, let’s take a look at how to find the best sustainable baby products.

Sustainable baby products: What to look for

B-Corp certification

When you find a product made by a company with B-Corp certification, you can rest assured.

B-Corp is a demanding international brand awarded to brands that exhibit superior economic, social and environmental performance and develop their activities with a positive impact on society and the environment.

Companies that have this brand have passed a rigorous survey based on standards of management, employees, society, environment and customers. They operate with B-Corps motto in mind:

“Do not seek to be the best company in the world. Instead, seek to be the best company in the world.”

Here at Mustela, we are proud to call ourselves a B-Corp company and believe that belonging to the B-Corp community strengthens many of our core commitments.

We create products that show respect for the environment with 100% eco-design and 100% responsible plant supply chains. We guarantee the naturalness and safety of our products, which on average contain 95% of ingredients of natural origin and exclude questionable ingredients.

We also seek to benefit everyone involved in our brand – employees, partners, manufacturers, distributors, customers and the like. Because of this, we have implemented a fair trade policy that protects the environment, producers and their country of origin.

Organic ingredients

    sustainable baby products

Choosing products made with organic ingredients is an excellent way to care for both the soil and your family. When an ingredient in a food or skin care product is labeled “organic”, it means that it is grown (or farmed) without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

This is good for your family’s skin as these ingredients do not have the chemical residues that their inorganic counterparts have. And it’s good for the environment because pesticides can do a lot on soil, animals, plants and water.

Recycled and recyclable material

As we mentioned, the whole life – from creation to disposal – for a sustainable baby product must be soil-friendly.

Look for products that are made with recycled materials and can also be recycled after their use. If you can not reuse and upcycle the packaging after you finish it, the recyclability factor is even more important.

Biodegradable formulas

Last but not least, we recommend choosing baby skin care products with biodegradable formulas. A biodegradable formula is a formula that can be degraded (digested) naturally by microorganisms after use.

For products released into wastewater, biodegradability is an important part of leaving a positive environmental impact. (Good news: All Mustela cleansing gels are biodegradable.)

With this information on sustainable baby products under your belt, we will end by mentioning five products for your little one that we think you will love!

Sustainable baby products for your little one

Certified organic water wipes with cotton and aloe

Sister cleanses siblings face with sustainable baby products

For ultra-soft, recycled baby wipes, look no further than our certified organic cotton and aloe water wipes. They are designed to gently cleanse your baby’s skin and leave it soothing, soft, fresh and moisturized.

What makes them good for the soil and your baby’s skin at the same time? Our plastic-free napkins are fragrance-free and consist of 99.8% ingredients of natural origin, including organic cotton, organic aloe vera and filtered, purified and softened water.

Our organic aloe vera is grown in the highlands of Mexico and comes from farms that meet fair trade requirements. The organic cotton we use is 100% recycled from the textile industry and part of a circular economy and anti-waste approach.

Speaking of recycled material, the packaging contains up to 10% recycled plastic from industrial scrap and is made without plastic lids, which reduces our plastic consumption by 47%. Finally, the napkins themselves are biodegradable and made with compostable fibers.

Remember that these napkins are also safe to use on baby skin that is prone to eczema. They are even certified by the National Eczema Association and safe from birth.

With all this goodness wrapped inside, they are the perfect napkins to use on your baby’s face, hands, diaper area and whole body!

Certified organic cleansing gel with olive oil and aloe

Happy boy with his sustainable baby products

Our certified organic cleansing gel with olive oil and aloe is a gentle, sulphate-free hair and body wash that keeps your baby clean and cares for their skin (and soil) at the same time.

The olive oil used in our organic products comes from family-owned olive groves in the South of France. Olives undergo a cold-pressed extraction process to maximize strength and skin care properties.

In addition to being certified organic, our cleaning gel is designed to be environmentally conscious inside and out. The formula is biodegradable and the packaging is made from sustainable sugar cane.

Use this gel to gently cleanse your little one’s skin without removing its natural oils. And remember that it is gentle and safe enough for babies’ delicate skin, but also effective enough for large children and adults, making it perfect for the whole family!

Certified organic moisturizing cream with olive oil and aloe

Mother uses sustainable baby products for daughter

A light and restorative lotion for both face and body, Certified Organic Hydrating Cream with olive oil and aloe is another sustainable baby product that is ideal for the whole family.

Our formula is carefully crafted with 99.6% naturally derived ingredients, including organic aloe vera, organic sunflower oil and organic olive oil – powerful natural emollients that work together to keep skin moisturized, soft and supple.

And like all Mustela products, it is free of questionable ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol and phthalates.

The formula is biodegradable, the bottle can be recycled and we have dropped secondary cartons. In addition, this product is EEC verified, which means that it avoids the worrying ingredients of the EEC and is committed to full transparency.

Certified organic micellar water with olive oil and aloe

    Woman cleanses her face with sustainable baby products

If you have never used micellar water on your little one, you are ready for a treat. Our certified organic micellar water with olive oil and aloe gently cleanses your baby’s skin and there is no need to rinse it off, making the cleanup a cinch!

It is carefully crafted with only eight ingredients, of which 99.7% are naturally extracted. And like the other products we mentioned, this EWG Verified product is made to be environmentally conscious inside and out.

Here’s another tip on using our organic micellar water: While it’s gentle and safe for babies’ sensitive skin, you can also borrow your little one’s micellar water to take off your makeup. Talk about a two-to-one product!

Diaper cream with olive oil and aloe

    baby with sustainable baby products

The last sustainable baby product we will mention is our diaper cream with olive oil and aloe, a talc-free and easy-to-use formula that moisturizes and soothes your baby’s bottom.

Made with 99.7% naturally derived ingredients, including aloe vera, sunflower oil and olive oil, this EWG Verified cream is fragrance-free, dye-free and leaves a moisturizing layer on your baby’s skin. This soothes and reduces redness with each diaper change.

Sustainable baby products: Good for the earth and your family

Baby in bath with sustainable baby products

You have read about what sustainable baby products are and what to look for when shopping for them. Keep an eye on B-Corp certified companies, organic and natural ingredients, recycled and recyclable materials and biodegradable formulas.

Now it is only busy using and enjoying products like certified organic water wipes with cotton and aloe, micellar water with olive oil and aloe and diaper cream with olive oil and aloe.

Our EWG Verified products are great for your baby and the earth. It does not get much better than that.