Beetroot – Benefits, Nutritional Facts, & Beets Recipes

There is no denying that eating fruits and vegetables has a positive and quantitative effect on health and immunity. They complement a unique combination of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals in your diet. They also help in detoxification which eradicates toxins from the body. One of these superfoods is beets or beets, the star of […]

7 Tips To Maintain Your Mental Health While Working From Home

Remember when we thought our offices were stressful environments? Yes, those were the days! With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging, companies around the world have been forced to stop shopping and establish a work-from-home culture. This, if not done correctly, can do more harm than good. It is best to contact a wellness coach who […]

7 tips to achieve work-life Balance amidst The Global Pandemic

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic disrupted everyone’s work-life balance. The virus is not only affecting health problems, but also affecting our work and our personal lives. Suddenly, the concept of home office gained prominence, taking into account the concepts of social distancing and the high rate of contamination by diseases. The global pandemic, which increases by […]

Unable To Sleep During COVID? 8 Tips To Get Good Sleep & Stress-Free

The current COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to a substantial increase in stress levels among individuals, families and societies. Despite following orders to stay at home and exercising precautionary measures, people find themselves without adequate work and rest hours. This lack of a daily routine combined with higher levels of stress leads to sleep problems among […]

Ketogenic Diet – The Benefits and Risks You Need to be Aware of

Many of us believe that fats can destroy your diet. So, can a meal plan that recommends high amounts of fat help you lose weight? Yes, if the research surrounding the Ketogenic Diet is to be believed. Known as The Fat reduction diet recommends a combination of high fat, adequate protein and low carbohydrates that […]

Prakhar Avasthi’s magnificent transformation – HealthifyMe

Weight before: 84 kg Weight now: 72 kg Height: 5’11” I lost 12kg in 5 months A former national-level hockey player, Prakhar Avasthi has always been a goal-oriented person. When he realized how much weight he had gained in three years – spent on a sedentary job, the Delhi IT professional knew he needed to […]