Men overeat when dining out with women, shows study

It is true! Men tend to be men when it comes to appetite if they are eating out with the opposite sex.

A new study from Cornell University, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science, revealed that men eat significantly more food in the company of women than with other men. Clearly, they eat to impress!

The researchers analyzed 105 adults eating an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet for two weeks for this study. They recorded the number of pizza slices and salad bowls each customer ate along with the sex of the partner or partners at each restaurant. Customers also had to fill out a short survey indicating their level of satiety after eating and their feelings of rush and comfort when eating before heading out.

The survey found that men who dined with at least one woman ate 93% more pizza and 86% more salad than men who dined with only other men.

Dr. Kevin Kniffin, the study’s lead author, said the results show that men “tend to overeat to show off — you can also see this trend in eating competitions that almost always have mostly male participants.”

As overeating is the main cause of obesity and can lead to digestive problems, experts suggest that customers need to relax, take their time and enjoy their meals.

“These findings are clear that people should calm down when eating with members of the opposite sex,” the study argues.

In fact, the amount women ate did not differ when they ate with other women or with men. Many women said they felt they “eat too much” and were “hurried through their meal” when eating with men.

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