Meal Patterns: Breakfast, unhealthiest meal of the day

A detailed study of India’s dining patterns tells us that lunch (Pprotein:Fat the:Çarbs = 16:27:57) and dinner (P:F:C = 17:29:54) are the healthiest meals overall with regards to PFC balance. The energy percentage from protein is highest for dinner and the energy percentage from fat is lowest for lunch.

The evening snack is the fattest meal of the day.

Meal Patterns - Fat Energy Consumption

They are also the meal with the highest sugar content in % of the food’s weight.

Meal Standards - Sugar in Foods

Fruit consumption is higher during morning and evening snacks. Vegetable consumption is also seen at peak for lunch and dinner.

Meal Standards - Percentage of Fruits and Vegetables

One of the main reasons for the aforementioned meal patterns is that unhealthy snacks are a large fraction of the urban population who select high-fat instant snacks at work or on the go, due to busy schedules and a growing culture of eating. fast food.

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