HM helped him get dyslipidemia under control by losing 10 kg

Name: Manoj Kumar Acharya

Age: 36 years

He was diagnosed with dyslipidemia but avoided the need for heart surgery by losing 10.2 kg in 3 months.

In February 2015, software engineer Manoj Kumar Acharya from Bangalore was admitted to a hospital with a cough, swollen joints and fever. Doctors found another fatal complication – a blood clot in her heart. They considered surgery but ultimately ruled it out.

Manoj was discharged after a 10-day hospital stay, but the coughing and swelling returned when he returned. Doctors in Bangalore advised him to consult specialists in Manipal. He was diagnosed with dyslipidemia, an abnormal amount of lipids in the blood, and asked to lose weight so he could better manage his life and illness.

‘I went from 80 kg to 69.8 kg in three months’

Dyslipidemia is a medical condition characterized by high levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides (fat) in the blood. This leads to plaque buildup in the arteries and ends up significantly increasing the chances of a heart attack or stroke.

Doctors often suggest lifestyle changes, especially more exercise, weight loss, and switching to a healthy diet.

On December 13, 2015, Manoj started his journey with HealthifyMe. He was placed under the care of fitness trainer Nayan Dhekial and nutritionist Aruna Shanmughan who, keeping Manoj’s condition in mind, devised a diet and fitness plan that helped him lose 10.2kg in just three months.

From 80 kg in December 2015, Manoj dropped to 69.8 kg in April 2016.

“I started prescribing exercises to boost metabolism, like cardio and strength training,” says Nayan.

Later, Manoj switched to cardio acceleration – a 40-minute workout characterized by the absence of any break in between.

‘HealthifyMe taught me the importance of combining exercise with a proper diet plan’

This isn’t the first time Manoj has tried to lose weight. Five years ago, he joined a gym for four months, but it hadn’t shown any results.manoj

“There was no proper trainer and training was random,” he says. “It wasn’t until I joined HealthifyMe that I realized the importance of combining exercise with a proper diet plan.”

Manoj has now completely changed her lifestyle and is enjoying every moment. He wakes up at 5:30 and starts doing yoga and running at 6. Breakfast at 8 is made up dahliastuffed roti or corn flakes.

He follows up with a snack at 10:30 am, usually sprouts or fruit and buttermilk. Lunch at 12:30 is three stuffed roti (stuffing can be carrots, beets or spinach) or rice, lots of vegetables and a bowl of dal A 15-minute walk follows.

After work – almost 5:30 pm – he goes to the gym and trains for about an hour. When he gets home, around 7:30 pm, he eats a plate of salad, followed by dinner at 8:30 pm – stuffed rotimixed vegetables and milk.

‘I recommended the app to my nephew’

Within three months, all of Manoj’s health problems had disappeared. He also looks fitter than ever.

“Your abdomen is flat and there is not much fat to lose. The goal now is to give him some muscle mass and make him look not like a bodybuilder but more of an athlete,” says Nayan.

Manoj is also pleased with the results and has recommended HealthifyMe to his 21-year-old nephew who is overweight.

“He weighs 79 kg. He’s studying for his JEE now. He said he will join in another three or four months,” says Manoj.

Disclaimer: HealthifyMe allowed Manoj to control his dyslipidemia. Results may vary for you. Consult our trainers to get started.

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