HealthifyMe plays Cupid on a Weight Loss Journey

Intrigued by fitness being delivered on a digital platform, Rajat Bhasin, who was looking to build muscle and slim down after losing 17 pounds, signed up for HealthifyMe. A balanced diet that was adjusted every week along with unmonitored exercise led to his phenomenal transformation, but overexertion left him with a weak back.

Rajat kick-started his transformation under the guidance of senior nutritionist, Alpa Momaya, who not only modified his diet to help him recover quickly, but also played the role of Cupid. Want to know how? Keep reading to find out.

in search of a companion

It is a proven fact that having a health companion makes working towards your goal easier, and to that end, HealthifyMe has created social communities where individuals with similar fitness goals support and motivate each other on their fitness journey. Rajat met Anika in one of these groups.

What started as an exchange of tips, recipes and regular exercise updates has become routine; with frequent meetings, training sessions, races and much more! Anika lost 22 kg and 35 inches under the guidance of her coaches Alpa and Meenakshi. To celebrate her progress and motivate other fitness wannabes to begin their transformation, Anika also started her own fitness blog.

Rajat wasn’t far behind either, he decided to work on getting the body he’d always wanted and successfully achieved, courtesy of his trainers!

“My fitness coach, Sharu selected a training regimen that I could easily follow. He also made a point of checking that I performed them regularly, and while it helped me stay consistent, Meenakshi’s tips on the group helped me scale up without hurting myself!”

Grateful to his trainers for his transformation, Rajat begins by talking about his training regimen which has been regularly adjusted to ensure he pushes his limits and pushes him towards his goal. “My fitness coach, Sharu, created a training regimen that I could easily follow, while helping me stay consistent, Meenakshi’s tips on the group helped me to bulk up without hurting myself! One of the main reasons for my injury was the fact that I never stretched and Meenakshi changed that. I saw a significant difference in terms of pain, strength and my confidence levels.” Furthermore, he says, “My coaches are not just teachers who helped me achieve my goal, they are my friends and confidants, now.”

“We were both thinking about settling down and we found ourselves at the right time – during our journey with HealthifyMe”

“I found a friend, someone who understands my obsession with fitness and reciprocates the same, in Anika. We were both thinking about settling down and we found ourselves at the right time – during our journey with HealthifyMe.” Rajat and Anika are showing off and taking #RelationshipGoals to a whole new level. Date nights involved egg white sandwiches and salads with smoothies instead of wine and pasta. Couple workouts were just one thing we heard about, but the two are involved in running, home workouts, and sometimes even gym sessions together, proving that #HealthNeedsLove.

Everyone needs cheat days, Rajat and Anika included, and making one of the cheat days extra special was Rajat’s surprise proposal! A treasure hunt at her favorite spots within the city, clues along with roses eventually led her to her final destination – The Oberoi, where he was eagerly waiting to propose, and thus began their happily ever after.

While Anika and Rajat achieved their goals with a premium plan, they fell in love during their HealthifyMe journey and are getting married later this month.

Watch them talk about their transformation journey!

We may not be able to play cupid again, but we can definitely help you reach your fitness goal, and that’s a ticked checkbox!

Disclaimer: Results may and may vary for you. Let us help determine the best approach for you to achieve your goal.

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