Ankur Gole’s inspiring transformation story!

Age: 25 years

Weight before: 104 kg

Weight now: 79.5 kg

Lost 24.5 kg in 7 months

Ankur Gole, based in Navi Mumbai, felt overwhelmed with his life as he hit the 104 mark. A stressful lifestyle that involved a grueling commute to and from work – climbing rail bridges, rushing to catch local trains amidst the chaotic Mumbai rush hour crowd and walking long stretches to get to work left him exhausted, putting his health on the back seat. Constant complaints and jokes about his lifestyle, along with comments about his physical appearance, by his friends and colleagues left him despondent and furious. Adding fuel to the fire was his father’s comment – ​​“What have you done to yourself? Just go and look in the mirror”, remembers Ankur. This incident provoked him, leading him to look for an effective weight loss program, and that’s where he found HealthifyMe.

Junk food and a desk job led to Ankur’s weight gain

Ankur attributes his weight gain to his love of junk food and a sedentary lifestyle. The two factors caused his weight to rise to 104 kg.

Ankur trained with trainers Vasudha and Anisha. “At first, we found a lack of motivation, but later we realized that he liked walking more than static exercises. This led us to challenge him to complete 10,000 steps daily,” says Anisha. The new method showed great results, pushing Ankur to work harder to reach his fitness goal. By doubling the number of steps he takes daily, combined with exercise and a healthy diet, Ankur is advancing his fitness journey.

‘I’m not too lazy to work out’

Ankur’s association with HealthifyMe has led to a complete lifestyle overhaul. A typical day for him now starts at 6am with a bowl of oatmeal and honey, followed by a one-hour workout, alternating between gymnastics and running, and a rest of the day inweight loss in between. Your post-workout meal/breakfast is five egg whites daily. indulging damn or idli from the office canteen as her mid-morning snack, he makes sure she walks far enough to make up for it. One bowl of salad, two chapattisa vegetable dish low in oil and spices, dal in some days, and curd, is what makes up the lunch. At 4 pm, he has a cup of hot coffee, which is paired with cookies. A bowl of oatmeal awaits you at home when you return from the office. After the snack, he proceeds to a 30-minute workout of floor exercises. He ends his day with a light dinner of sprouts, dahlia or jowar bhakri (a traditional Maharashtrian flatbread made from corn) and vegetables.

While he had no motivation to exercise initially, Ankur now expects a good workout. “I’m not too lazy to work out anymore. I make sure I have time to exercise every day. I don’t answer phone calls during my training session, and I even cancel social engagements that clash with my training schedules.”

While at one point Ankur’s parents were worried about his weight, now they want him to slow down. “They ask me, ‘Aur kitne exercise karoge? Ab bas karo!‘” (‘You’ve exercised enough. You should stop now!’) I tell them, Yeh itni jaldi khatam nahin hone wala!’ (‘This isn’t going to stop anytime soon.’)” he says, laughing.

‘Friends say I look younger’

Ankur still needs to lose a few pounds to reach his recommended weight of 75 kg. Meanwhile, Anisha has changed her training regimen to help tone her body. “He’ll lose the remaining 5 kg as he tones up,” she says.

Enjoying every bit of the attention he’s getting because of his dramatic weight loss, he says, “The same friends who used to tease me before, now ask me how I did it!” he laughs. “They say I look younger, similar to how I was in college.” Another big plus is that it can fit into your old clothes again. “Now I can fit into the clothes he wore two years ago!” he says.

Pleased with the results, he also started recommending HealthifyMe to his friends.

Impressed with Ankur’s transformation? You too can get in shape with HealthifyMe!

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